Recruitment Events

Come meet the CHEP Recruiting team on Campus or at your upcoming conference! We're always searching for sharp talent as we build better supply chains together. 

Campus Recruitment Events

University of Central Florida - Spring Career Showcase       
 Date February 4th    
 Location  UCF Arena      
 Learn about the event  Click here    
Interested in joining us on campus at UCF? Click here to let us know!  


Industry Recruitment Events

CSCMP Conference     Enactus  
 Date September 27th - September 30th    Date  April 13th - April 15th
 Location  San Diego    Location  St. Louis
 Learn about the event  Event Registration and Information    Learn about the event Event Registration and Information
 Attending the CSCMP Conference?  Click here to let us know!     Attending the Enactus Conference?  Click here to let us know! 

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